SuperLottery does not require an account to play, but you will need a SmarterTrade account to purchase tickets.
This provides player anonymity, international currency exchange, and a 3rd party virtual holding medium.
Winners will be automatically paid back out to the account the ticket purchase came from. You do not even have to keep track of your tickets!

Description 10-10 Pick
Ticket Price 10 SMC This comes to about €5 EUR or $5.50 USD.
Rake Percent 1% Deducted from the total pot before payouts are calculated.
Pick Limits [10, 10] Picks are 2 numbers, 1-10 and 1-10.
Winner Rules first_or_both First number or both numbers correct
Winner Formula first_numericals_plus_1 First numerical values of the final block hash, plus 1 for zero offset.
Ends (Tickets) 100 Will not end until this many tickets are purchased.*
Ends (Days) 7 Will not end until this many days from the start.*
* Game only ends when both conditions are met.

Enter specific numbers for your ticket, or leave blank for random numbers.
If the game ends before your payment is received, your ticket will go to the next game.

This will redirect to SmarterTrade. Please do not change any transaction details.